Hypergamy in dating relationships has historically been the courting pattern for centuries. Beautiful women were married off to high value men “of means” who owned land, cattle, property, had royal titles, etc. The women were pushed by relatives and society to marry men who were “better off” than their families, both socially or economically. By leveling up or marrying up to a high value man, beautiful young women improved future prospects of their children as well as their siblings and parents. Women seeking hypergamous relationships was and remains a socially acceptable practice, where a woman’s beauty and youth is traded for financial wealth and social status.

However, the tables are turning. As women climb the ladder economically, educationally and socially – men are just not keeping up. This makes it rather challenging for women who are at the top of the food chain to find a high value mate… a man above their level or even at a similar level. Which means if these well off women truly want to get married and have a family, they may have to consider getting with a basic or poor man who doesn’t meet their standards for a hypergamous relationship.

In other words, these financially secure, sometimes famous women get with a man who is LESS. They get with a man who has LESS. They get with a hypergamous man who comes up and is far “better off” socially or economically from marrying a woman who has MORE.

What kind of men qualify for a hypergamous relationship with a woman of means?
What are well-to-do women looking for in a hypergamous man?
How much does a woman need to have above the man to qualify the relationship as hypergamous?
How do wealthy women handle the legalities of marriage to poor men who have nowhere near the resources that his dating partner/future wife may have?

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